Major Business
1. We sell and buy new and used SMT machine/equipment with completed functions and good/excellent working condition.
2. We sell and buy original new and used SMT feeder and original nozzle with competitive price and excellent condition.
3. We offer copy/imitation SMT nozzle and customized/special nozzle according to our customers’ requirements.
4. We sell and buy all other SMT spare parts with excellent condition.
5. We provide repair/maintenance service for industrial camera (Such as CYBEROPTICS/DEK camera) by professional and experienced engineers.
6. And repair/maintenance service for industrial camera (Such as CYBEROPTICS camera/Dek camera), SMT laser (Brands include JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung, etc), servo driver, servo motor, monitor, power supply, circuit board,electronic systems, etc. With high success rate.  
7. We provide recovery service for used and faulty JUKI spare parts, CYBEROPTICS laser and camera.

Our Catalogue
 SMT Feeder
Panasonic Feeder
JUKI Feeder
I-pulse/Yamaha Feeder
Fuji Feeder
Samsung Feeder
 SMT Nozzle
Panasonic Nozzle
JUKI Nozzle
I-Pulse/Yamaha Nozzle
Fuji Nozzle
Samsung Nozzle
 SMT Feeder Parts
Panasonic Feeder Parts
JUKI Feeder Parts
Yamaha Feeder Parts
 Panasonic SMT Parts
Panasonic SMT Nozzle
Panasonic SMT Feeder
Panasonic SMT Filter
Panasonic Motor
Panasonic Sensor
Panasonic Shaft/Nozzle Holder
Panasonic Board/Driver
Panasonic Valve
Panasonic Belt
Panasonic Feeder Spare Parts
Panasonic Spare Parts
Juki SMT Nozzle
Juki SMT Feeder
Juki Laser
Juki Ejector/Valve
Juki Motor
Juki Board/Card
Juki Driver
Juki Filter
Juki Sensor
Juki Cable
Juki Shaft/Nozzle Holder
Juki Feeder Spare Parts
Juki Spare Parts
 I-Pulse/Yamaha SMT Parts
I-Pulse SMT Nozzle
I-Pulse SMT Feeder
I-Pulse SMT Motor
I-Pulse SMT Parts
Yamaha SMT Nozzle
Yamaha SMT Feeder
Yamaha SMT Board
Yamaha SMT Parts
Yamaha SMT Feeder Parts
 Fuji SMT Parts
Fuji SMT Feeder
Fuji SMT Nozzle
Fuji SMT Parts
 Samsung SMT Parts
Samsung SMT Nozzle
Samsung SMT Feeder
Samsung SMT Motor
Samsung SMT Parts
 SMT Spare Parts
Siemens SMT Parts
Assembleon SMT Parts
 SMT/SMD Peripheral Parts
AI Spare Parts
Heller Spare Parts
SMT Minami Spare Parts
SMT Dek Printer parts
SMD Components
Peripheral SMT Parts
 SMT Machine/Peripheral
SMT Machine
SMT Peripheral Equipment